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Why Leos Can’t Let Go? 6 Reasons!

Vain and haughty, Leos hate to give up control. They are desperate to win at all costs and fortify their territories to defend what’s theirs. Their love knows no bounds so even after a long time has passed since the relationship broke off, they’ll still have lingering feelings deep inside. Leos will keep coming back until they find someone better to settle with. Why can’t Leos get over their exes? Why can’t Leos get over the past hurt? Why are Leos so hooked on their old boyfriend or girlfriend?

Here are 6 reasons why Leos can’t let go, do not move on quickly and continue pursuing their previous relationships:

1. Leo men and women have big egos

Leos are extremely self centered. They would do anything to fulfill their aims. When they fall in love, they could become deeply attached to their lovers.

They want to be in charge and expect their partner to be available for them whenever they desire. There is a major power struggle in relationships with the Leo man or woman. He thrives in spaces where he emerges as the winner.

An inflated ego, that makes Leos so difficult to get along with, never lets them accept defeat. And everything is fair in love and war with these natives. So, when you decide to leave or if you fall out of love, he would hate to admit his mistakes. He would struggle to accept the loss and seek answers and validity from you.

2. Leo natives are selfish

It’s a Leo’s way or the highway if they are committed to you. They need your admiration and recognition.

They would be least tolerant of a partner who is excessively clingy. However, if they are madly in love, they could exercise their highhandedness over you. They cannot face rejection. So, a breakup will be difficult for a Leo man to handle. It would make him feel like you questioned his self esteem.

As a sun-ruled personality, the Leo male needs to be hailed in high regards. A partner in their lives assumes the status of family. So, if his heart breaks, he could be vengeful.

3. Leos are so insecure

Call them fragile, but the Lion is a royal person who hates to let go of his throne. He craves for validity as an entitlement.

Unless a Leo is done with you or not into you, you’ll be enveloped in their warmth, care and generosity. He is a provider and wants to keep his muse satisfied. All his energies will be diverted towards securing his family and maintaining his status.

The Leo man or woman hates being challenged. So, a mighty Leo would keep going back to their ex seeking a justification for their decision as questioning their motives.

4. Leos are obsessive

The men and women born under the Leo Zodiac sign are very romantic individuals. They are committed and loyal once they settle down or pursue someone with all their heart.

On an extreme end, they could become narcissists. They want to be the only ones who rule your mind and expect you to be available for them. Such demanding will they be that it almost feels suffocating if they exercise their domineering force.

They like showing off what they own and conquer. So, even if it was a casual relationship with a Leo man or woman, they’ll hate to part with their arm Candy fearing a sense of missing out.

5. Leos hide their emotions

Leos are super proud of themselves. They will never give up easily. They’ll pursue something with all their heart.

They are both logical and emotional but overall driven by a strong public image. Lies and deceit will break their heart (this is what happens when you hurt a Leo woman). Nonetheless, a Leo native will keep his or her emotions under the rug and pretend like you are a stranger.

They are adept at blaming their lovers. So, Leos will be suspicious of your whereabouts until their doubts are proven correct or falsified. But concealing emotions is a facade. The Leo male or female may still stalk you and try to learn about the current happenings in your life and if you have moved on with someone else.

6. The men and women born under the Leo Zodiac sign hate being ignored

Attention seeking Leos try to drive people crazy with their charisma. You’ll have to stroke their egos repeatedly to make them feel wanted.

They are scared to let go lest they’ll lose control. Leo men and women can be jealous and possessive. Leos are among the most jealous Zodiac signs.

They love to rule and keep competition at a distance. If you split up with a Leo for someone else, they would interpret it as humiliation. It’s an insult for a Leo to be cheated on. Even after you give up on him or her, they will take time to make peace with the reality as they are so used to making memories with you.