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Why are Leos so difficult to get along with?

Leos have a heart of gold. They are bold, affectionate and romantic when they strongly feel for someone. Negative personality traits of Leo could make them annoying when in an intimate relationship. Why is falling in love with a Leo man or a Leo woman emotionally demanding? What makes connecting with Leos challenging? Are Leos hard to pursue?

Here are a few astrological answers as to why Leos are difficult to get along with, to befriend or become compatible in love with.

Why are Leos so hard to date?

Leo natives are moody and boastful. They love attention and would expect their lover to stroke their ego. Whenever they fancy. This could get quite frustrating considering the fact that the partner’s may need to dull their shine and let them steal the show. They are very loyal in love and expect deep commitment from their partners. Unless the feelings are equally reciprocated, it is hard to satisfy Leos. They need the praise and the admiration. It could be difficult for the Leo male or female to bow down before their partner as they are egoists who may see their own happiness and comfort before everyone else’s. This drives them to become insensitive at times, having a tendency to cut off people easily when they no longer serve their purpose.

Do Leos fall in love easily?

The big-hearted Leo can wear his heart on his sleeves in his youth. However, if they fail to find the right person or get their heart broken, they could just lose out on the motivation to pursue anyone ever again. As being ruled by the Sun imparts the strong rules and principles, they need their lovers to be a certain way. They could fall hard for someone who communicates brilliantly and knows how to have fun. They are also suckers of confident, seductive partners who can experiment immerse in a passionate sex life.

Why are Leos so moody and emotional?

Leos could get hurt quite easily because of a fragile ego. They hate to show their weaknesses as they fear being misunderstood as needy or clingy. They have a royal disposition. So, they’ll suppress their emotions and project a ruthlessly cold appearance as if they were never affected. However, this could lead them to breaking down at a one point when they can no longer hold themselves together. They are strong decision makers. Therefore, they’ll do as they please even if that means they burst forth their emotions or make a blunt show of their rage unexpectedly.

Why are Leos so stubborn sometimes?

The men and women born under the Leo Zodiac sign are focused and determined. This makes them build a brick wall attitude which hates to be told what to do or how to do it. They are smart and have confidence in their values and beliefs. They fear losing their hold over situations and people. A desperate need for recognition and praise makes them stick hard to their position without any compromise. Flighty behavior makes them lose faith and therefore they like to dominate and ensure that structure prevails.

Why are Leos so insecure?

Leos want to be in control at all times. They might need repeated reassurance of their partner’s love and loyalty. They are competitive and hence, being toppled from a position they have worked so hard for becomes their sole struggle for life. Their territoriality makes them fiercely protective and possessive of their partners for they would hate to lose out on their prized possessions. This insecurity may reflect a past hurt or fear of not being good enough and therefore, craving for repeated validity from their partner.

What do Leos hate the most?

Leos hate being controlled or told what to do. It could drive them insane if their trust is played with or they are not paid enough attention. They want to be respected and their egos stroked. They hate dumb, confused and uncultured people. With a royal taste, they’ll look for luxury and perfection around them. Being lied to, ignored or manipulated is nightmarish for Leos.

Which sign is Leo attracted to?

Leos love people who can bring in new ideas and can make them feel secure with their reliability. They love gregarious individuals who can infuse positivity and inspire them with their free-spirit. They want to learn and fall for someone who is ambitious and generous towards them. A lover who can genuinely care and respect their high standards and expectations can win over the heart of a Leo. If their partner is intelligent, sexy and drop-dead gorgeous, they’ll be attracted to them like moths to a flame.

What zodiac sign does Leo not get along with?

Leos may have a hard time with water signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. It is a turbulent relationship which needs plenty of efforts to understand each other’s emotional baggage and demands of availability. The tides of emotions of water signs are hard to fathom or keep pace with. It could drain the energy of a Leo whose skyrocketing ambitions occupy mental space for most part of their existence. As water signs are highly suspicious or guarded, they would totally mistrust and reject the fierce Leo’s pride and perpetual need for an active social life.