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What Happens When You Hurt a Leo Woman?

A Leo woman is amazing, confident, and is a bit straight forward. If you ever hurt your Leo woman, she will be instantly ready to dump you and move forward. She will try her best to completely forget about you. Any woman from this zodiac sign is confident and content enough to know what all she deserves in her life, and if she feels left out or being an option for you then she won’t really invest her time in the relationship.

And yes she will never discuss with people or friends about why she dumped you or what all you did wrong to her. Even though she doesn’t want to be with you, she still doesn’t want you to be humiliated by other peoples. If ever in your life, you make this mistake of angering a Leo woman, then you are at the right place.

When a Leo woman is hurt, she is in need of a person whom she can trust and share what all she is going through. The pride of a woman born under the Leo Zodiac sign helps her be the right person, and so she makes an anecdote where she is a hero. She indeed doesn’t need anyone in her life to think bad about her. When hurt, she starts recollecting her mistakes and learns what went wrong. She learns how to forgive herself for her own mistakes. Her learning may help her to be a much better person than what she is now.

The only bad thing that will happen is that you won’t be a part of her life anymore. A Leo female has the confidence and courage to move on, so she will not waste her time when she realizes that something is not working in the relationship. She is not bothered about revenge, and so she will forget that you ever existed in her life.

How do Leos act when hurt?

When a Leo woman is hurt, upset or mad at you, you can find a lot of changes in her normal behavior. A few of the changes are listed below which may help you find if a Leo female is hurt or not.

She may become aggressive. If you find a Leo woman become aggressive, it’s a clear sign she is hurt or really upset. She will get into the hard arguments and you will quickly jump to the conclusions. It is highly possible that she may try to avoid being with you. She will start blaming you for you every action and for what all you speak.

She will focus on other relations. It is likely possible that when a Leo woman is hurt she tries to avoid the person whosoever is the reason for her anger. She will start spending much of her time with her friends, family and on other social relations. She may try to make you feel alone by not being there with you and also to make you jealous by spending time with others.

She will try to hurt you. She will not be there for you whatever may be the case. It is like a tit for tat kind of thing. She will keep doing all those things whichever she thinks can hurt you. She will try to become that one person whom you will hate the most. And if you are witnessing this and don’t want to lose your love of life, then apologize to her and try to make her feel special.

Do Leos hold grudges?

Leos are of the belief that the presence of each person in their life is for some reason. And if you fail to prove your reason for the presence, then she will make sure that you won’t remain around her. Leo women hold grudges till her last breath.

If she doesn’t like you being around her, she will try to give you some hint about the same and if you are unable to understand what she has to say, then she will do every possible thing to keep you out of her life. Stay alert if you have a Leo woman in your life as your little mistake will get you kicked out of her life.

What happens when a Leo woman is heartbroken?

A woman born under the Leo Zodiac sign celebrates her pride, so for her getting heartbroken from someone is like losing her pride. She prefers to break the heart of the one she loves than getting heartbroken by him. But when she is heartbroken, she will try to keep her ego aside and will keep her head high, so as it doesn’t matter to her. As we know she is going to hold the grudges for life and to calm her ego she will move on and will seek attention from new people.

What to do when a Leo woman is mad at you?

While in a relationship with a Leo woman, you need to take care of all what you do or say. If your words or actions hurt her pride and ego, then she will take it very seriously. If she finds from your actions that you no longer respect her, then she will let you know that she is going to end the relationship. A small action or statement can become the reason for the end of your relationship with her.

Sometimes, rather than ending the relationship, she will choose to hurt you. But more likely, she will express her feelings about what all she thinks of the future of the relationship and will end it. Because her ego and pride matter much more than anything else.

How to cheer up a Leo woman?

To cheer up your Leo woman, all you need to do is make her feel special. You need to make sure that her ego doesn’t find a place in between your good going relationship. Here are a few tips which may help you to cheer your Leo woman up.

Cook Her Favorite Food. Food is something which can be a pleasure to anyone, and Leo woman is not different. You can cook some food that your Leo woman loves to have. And if you are not a great cook, you can try ordering her favorite food from her favorite restaurant. You can also get her some sweet and desserts too. Making her happy with her favorite and comfort food may help you to cheer her up.

Spend Quality Time Together. To cheer your Leo woman up, you need to spend good quality time with her. You can watch comedy movies or maybe romance movies. You can plan to go out together, you may ask her to dress up and take her to her favorite restaurant, bar or club. One needs to take care that while being together you are making her feel special and she is happy with what all you are doing for her. This may help her to forget about feeling low and similar.

Avoid Fault Finding. Leo woman never likes to be criticized and while feeling low, it can trigger her. If you bring in the criticism when she is already upset then it is only going to worsen the situation.

Overall, a Leo woman gets triggered easily so you better stay alert with your actions and words. Surely, you can do many things to make her feel better but still you need to take care. One wrong statement and your relationship is at the end.