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The Best & Worst Personality Traits Of The Leo Zodiac Sign

If your birthday falls somewhere between July 23 – August 22, start practicing your royal wave, because people born between these dates belong to the Leo Sun sign.

Known as the most regal zodiac sign in astrology, the Lion is a Fire sign that is ruled by the Sun. This would explain why Leo shines so bright in the spotlight. And as a Fixed sign modality, they are hesitant to change, preferring tradition instead.

What is a Leo?

Leo is one of three Fire signs, along with Aries and Sagittarius. The Fire element has energy that is colorful, passionate, and creative, helping Leo be the center of attention, and shine bright no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Their presence is impossible to ignore, as their fiery energy lights up every room they walk into.

However, fire energy doesn’t come without its downsides, which includes a tendency to occasionally burn everything and anything that seems to be its way.

Because of this, the Leo zodiac sign doesn’t make the best team player. This often leads to upstaging others or not allowing anyone else to have their chance center-stage.

Fortunately, the Leo personality and their energy is so magnetic that it leaves anyone who comes in contact with them feeling empowered and stimulated.

The lion is the king of the jungle, just like Leo, so it’s not difficult to see why this suits them so perfectly. Just like these big cats, Leos are powerful, dominating, and dignified. Leo is also known for being an adventurer and natural leader. In addition, they are naturally confident, which translates to a glamorous, outgoing personality that makes them naturally attractive.

The Leo sign is often referred to as the ruler of the Zodiac. They rule the roost! Whether it’s for work or play, you can expect that a Leo will be the one in charge.

Like the true royalty of the Zodiac, Leo is driven by their desire to be admired and loved by all. They feel most at home in the limelight, and want others to remember them by their helpfulness and kindness.

8 Positive Leo Traits

1. Loyal

Leos value loyalty, and, in return, they expect loyalty from the people around them. This also makes them trustworthy, meaning they will keep your secrets and be true to you. Leo will always have your back and you will never doubt their trust.

2. Wise

If you seek guidance from Leo, be prepared to get exactly what you asked for. They are one of the most straightforward zodiac signs and won’t hold back on telling it like it is. While their words of wisdom may seem harsh, they just want to be honest with you.

3. Confident

Leo traits manifest a little differently in women than they do in men. While a Leo woman has confidence that makes her outgoing and fearless, she can sometimes be sensitive, especially when it comes to the things she believes in wholeheartedly.

Like the Leo woman, the Leo man is extremely self-confident, passionate, and flirtatious. As a Leo, they are powerful and commanding because of their own confidence and aren’t scared to show it.

4. Passionate

Leos are passionate and expressive, so you’ll have no problem trying to figure out their interests. This is especially helpful in a relationship, as Leo has a tendency to express themselves with their body language, or even vocally.

5. Strong

One of the most prominent Leo male traits is their strength, both mental and physical. Because they strive to be the best, it’s no wonder they are so strong.

6. Generous

Leos will give you the shirt off their back if you need it, and always come up with the best gifts. Leos have a lot of love to give, so they tend to be generous with their affection, attention, time, and money.

7. Natural Leader

Leos are natural-born leaders. Because of their other traits, people are attracted to them. Their spirit and confidence make people trust Leo and, most importantly, their generosity and optimism give others a reason to trust them.

8. Determined

Leos are determined and won’t stop until they achieve what they set out to do. Once they get something in their mind, there’s no stopping them. Their determination is guided by their positive outlook, which keeps them going even when they run into obstacles.

5 Negative Leo Traits

9. Opinionated

One of Leo’s biggest negative personality traits is that they are extremely opinionated. Once they’ve made a decision about something, it’s tough to convince them otherwise. You’ll also probably never hear the end of it when they have something to say.

10. Attention-seeking

Leo s also known for wanting all eyes on them. They don’t mind being the center of attention; in fact, they crave it. This means they often come across as self-centered.

11. Naïve

Because Leos have a big heart and are always open to helping others, they are frequently disappointed. Leos are easily taken advantage of because of their generosity and trusting nature.

12. Arrogant

Leos are arrogant because of their self-confidence. They make things all about themselves and sometimes dismiss others who don’t have the same goals as them.

13. Stubborn

A Leo’s determination can sometimes come across as being stubborn. They don’t like asking for help because they have such a strong drive to do things by themselves. But their inability to ask for help can be seen as headstrong.

Tips for Relating to a Leo Personality

1. Let Leo love you.

Leos thrive when they are able to give gifts or shower someone with affection. It’s their way of showing they care. The best way to relate to Leo is to let them do nice things for you. They want you to have fun, so the best thing you can do is to enjoy them spoiling you.

2. Let them lead… to an extent.

The best leaders let other people take the lead every once in a while. So, when Leo lets go of control, even just a little bit, take advantage of it with respect and grace. This is Leo’s way of showing others that they don’t have to be the center of attention all the time.

3. Be direct.

Leos are direct people, so picking up on subtlety isn’t their strong suit. Huffing and puffing, being passive-aggressive, or hinting at what is bothering you isn’t the way to get express being upset. Be direct and speak with Leo in a straightforward manner.

Best Leo Compatibility & Relationship Advice for Leo

Since Leo is a Fire sign, they will look for someone who craves the same fiery passion they do in a relationship. They want to be loved, appreciated, and treated like the royalty that they are, and they’ll never settle for anything less.

When it comes to Leo compatibility, their best matches are Air signs, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius; in addition, they go well with other Fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius.

Leo and Libra

Both of these zodiac signs love to have fun and enjoy the attention others give them. But they are also focused on making others happy and changing the world for the better.

Together, they have a good chance of a balanced relationship, as Libra tends to be more “us focused,” encouraging Leo to do the same.

Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini have a high chance of starting out as friends which, as many know, is a great basis for a romantic relationship. Both signs are outgoing and social, and love to laugh.

In addition, Leos love to share their knowledge, just like Geminis.

Leo and Aquarius

The passion between these two is unmatched! They are dynamic and energetic, and have so much in common that they will never stop being intrigued by one another.

A relationship between these two is bound to be full of learning new things, and trying new experiences that give a sense of adventure.

Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries are both Fire signs, meaning they share the same passion and spontaneity to make a relationship work. They thrive from excitement, but their dominant personalities can clash at times.

Still, their enthusiasm for learning and life is strong enough to keep them together.

Leo and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the best matches for Leo, who are drawn together for many reasons. Both are social creatures who just want to have fun. A relationship between them is passionate and adventurous.

Leo’s big heart and Sagittarius’s open-minded personality are more than enough to keep their spark strong.

Who should a Leo marry?

Leo and Sagittarius are an ideal match for marriage. They both have the ability to bring passion and intensity into their relationship, which is based on having a good time and keeping things fresh.

They make a strong couple because they have a desire to change the status quo. And despite their hesitance to settle down for good, they bring out the best in each other.

Who is Leo’s soulmate?

Leos love Aries because they share a high level of passion in every area of life. They can keep up with each other, and are both adventurous and willing to try new things.

Aries is Leo’s soulmate because their connection is simply electric. There’s never a dull moment between them, and a good life is completely possible. Plus, their competitive natures only make their love for each other grow stronger.