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The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Leo Soulmate

Leo is the king of the zodiac. The sun-ruled sign, Leos exude royalty and confidence like no other. When in love, Leos are generous and utterly romantic, but they could be quite picky while looking for their best match. Who are the zodiac signs most likely to be Leo’s soulmate? Which zodiac signs are compatible with Leo natives? Which is the best zodiac sign to be a friend to a Leo? What makes a good partner for a Leo male or female? Who should a Leo man or woman marry? Which signs are the best love match with a Leo native?

Here are the top 5 Zodiac signs that share a high compatibility score with a Leo native as per astrology:

1. Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Why is Leo attracted to Aquarius?

Leo is attracted to Aquarius for its revolutionary ideas, its ability to think out-of-the-box. Leo and Aquarius are visionaries and when both work in union, the possibilities are endless (see more about the Leo and Aquarius friendship). They share a deep appreciation for each other despite occasional conflicts. They could help balance each other out and offer support when they fall on trying times. The energy around them is never stagnant so this relationship will be a creative one, entertaining and lively. Leo loves Aquarius’ drive, their passion to do the unknown, and the unthinkable. It motivates them to push themselves and move ahead.

Why is Aquarius attracted to Leo?

Aquarius loves the charisma and magnetism of Leo. They fall in love with the leadership traits of the Leo guy. Aquarius and Leo value loyalty above everything else. They are drawn to each other’s independent streaks and ambition to bring forth a better world. When either of them is hurt, they withdraw to prove their indifference to the internal pain. They are perfectly capable of defending each other before a common enemy as they value their friendships and strive to improve the lives of others. If they can successfully keep the negativity at bay, it is a soulmate relationship built to last a lifetime.

2. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Why is Leo attracted to Sagittarius?

In each other, they find a genuine company that uplifts their souls. Sagittarius is the truth seeker, honest and devoted to enlightenment. Flexible and adaptable to change, Sagittarius inspires the fixed Leo to walk the path of truth and expand horizons while Leo is a great stabilizer in this relationship to the wildly independent streak of Sagittarius.

As fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius are magnetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic about life (see what makes Sagittarius so attractive). They share a mutual love for adventure and freedom. They are confident communicators who enjoy the attention they seamlessly attract in their wide social networks. As their energies combine, they have the potential to achieve their dreams as long as they chart a concrete plan and follow through with their grand ideas.

Why is Sagittarius attracted to Leo?

Leo and Sagittarius are quite honest and loyal to each other. Sagittarius loves Leo’s creativity and passion for life. Leo is bold and courageous. They are independent and love to lead. As a true leader, Leo inspires Sagittarius to follow the righteous path. As fire signs, they are gregarious and social. So, they’ll have fun together and the drama that unfolds in this equation is endlessly entertaining.

Leo prioritizes honor and self-esteem, is self-aware and opinionated (see 10 things to know before dating a Leo man). The intimacy of these signs deepens instantly as they share similar views on life. As fire signs, they are impulsive and if left unchecked, an unbalanced dynamic may leave them feeling hurt as the heat consumes both passion and love.

3. Aries Zodiac Sign

Why is Leo attracted to Aries?

Aries’ do-or-die attitude makes them attractive and quite interesting to Leo natives. Sparks fly when these fiery energies come together and share an intimate relationship. Aries loves initiating tasks while Leo enjoys the execution. They are charismatic and spontaneous individuals who have extroverted natures. This helps them expand their social circles and learn. There is great sexual tension that these signs will share with each other. Bursting with a stream of energy, their youthfulness and charm never fade. Leos will love the drive, aggression, and passion Aries share for the things they love. It brings them together in a beautiful way, one they’ll cherish for eternity.

Why is Aries attracted to Leo?

Leo is a leader, one who is strong-willed and dedicated to the things that they put their minds to. The warmth, kindness, and generosity of Leo are appealing to the Aries lover. The sex life of Leo and Aries is incredible and this has a major role in keeping them hooked forever. They also share intense domination and possessive tendencies around each other as if they’ll never be able to live far from one another or part ways. Aries and Leo communicate effortlessly. So, despite their heated arguments, they can always let go and resolve their issues without holding on to their anger forever.

4. Gemini Zodiac Sign

Why is Leo attracted to Gemini?

Geminis are magical communicators. They can weave magic into their words and make a Leo fall weak. The Leo native will swoon over Gemini’s skills and adventurous character. One of a kind, Geminis draw Leos with their intellect and passion for life. Geminis are witty and their child-like traits make them oh-so-attractive to the Leo native. Leos are suckers for good conversations and Geminis are expert communicators. So, when Leos need words of affirmation and regular strokes to their egos, there is no one who does it better than Gemini. Sex for a Gemini is uninhibited and wild which a Leo adores to bits. It’s their independent streak that makes a Leo go weak.

Why is Gemini attracted to Leo?

Leos have a grand persona, one that easily garners attention wherever they go. Leos are confident and creative. In a Leo, the Gemini native finds a dependable soul, one who is duty-bound and faithful. While Geminis could struggle to be in a single place for long, in a Leo they find the perfect partner who can keep pace with them and blow their mind too. Leos are kind and loving, so generous and emotional that sometimes it overwhelms a Gemini. The grand gestures and intellectual exchanges with Leo draw a Gemini like a moth to fire. They’ll have much fun in each others company, spending most of their time.

5. Libra Zodiac Sign

Why is Leo attracted to Libra?

Libra is elegant, charming, and intelligent. Their life centers around striking the right balance in their relationships. They are great communicators and can easily woo the Leo native with their tact and diplomacy. Libras like to maintain peace and calm around them so they could often hold back confrontations for the sake of the relationship they share with the one they love and admire. While Libras aren’t the most patient among the zodiac signs, they are peacemakers. Their confidence and mutual love for creativity leave an impression. Being ardent admirers of beauty and luxury, Leos and Libras find a mutual attraction towards each other. They are crowd pullers and wherever they go, they win hearts especially if they join forces together.

Why is Libra attracted to Leo?

Libras find Leos quite duty-bound and trustworthy. Leos are confident, dependable, generous, and very warm. They love to lead and become best friends in the crisis of those they call their own. Libra finds it difficult to resist the charm and magnetism of Leo. They compliment each other well, especially because of their brilliant communication skills and passionate approach to most things they put their minds to. They love being in a relationship and despite the hiccups, these signs have the potential to walk down the aisle and have a couple of kids too.