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6 Hidden Truths About Your Leo Boyfriend You Must Know

Leos are the most popular sign of the zodiac, which is why the public perception of this sign dictates people’s understanding of them. However, Leos aren’t what they seem to be. Beneath that sunshine-filled smile is a lack of confidence. Under that cloak of nonchalance, there’s acute self-consciousness. So, if you have a Leo man in your life, here’s everything you need to know about his secrets, and the hidden qualities he’s afraid of revealing.

The Lion might seem haughty, but it’s a front

Leos seem to be dripping confidence, self-assured from head to toe, channelling feline grace, and radiating the dazzling charisma they are known for. But, they are, in all likelihood, praying that others accept, love, and admire them. Yes, they are not as collected as they seem. Insecurities often gnaw at them, and they struggle to compensate for what they feel inadequate about.

He needs cuddles and naps

Leos are suckers for staying in bed till noon, lazing around, and generally living like their animal symbol–the Lion. The king of the jungle, after all, must spread out on his king-sized bed. Affection will make the big cat purr with contentment, and when he gets undisturbed beauty sleep, he will be happiest. There’s nothing worse than the tempers of Taureans and Leos who are rudely forced to wake up!

Leos are defenceless when dealt with affectionately

Your Leo can be fierce in most ways, but when greeted with love and affection, he becomes a soft little kitten. This sign is a sucker for appreciation, so when someone is nice and kind to them, they give their everything to that person.

However, if you’re fighting and you raise your voice at a Leo or get aggressive, they will become even more unreasonable, rude, and angry. Affection, sweetness, kindness, and submission make this sign malleable and easy to deal with.

A compliment will fix nearly everything

It’s always important to know the cheat code to someone’s heart, and with a proud sign like Leo, it’s even more important because he wants you to guess it without him saying it out loud.

Just as cuddles and kisses melt the heart of stubborn Taureans, compliments soften the heart of the big cat. When he realises you respect and admire him, his walls come down and he doesn’t see you as a threat, thereby letting you in. This is one sign which is really vulnerable to feeling unloved and being left unseen.

He will try to make you jealous to make himself feel more important

Most fire signs play games with their partners to keep the ‘spark’ and the thrill of the chase alive, and Leo is no exception. They like keeping their partner guessing about their affection by acting uncaring, aloof, and cool. They will talk to other “friends” and romantic prospects the same way they speak to you in order to look “chilled out” and detached. Sometimes, they do this to elicit a reaction from their partner. Often, this is to see if the other person feels jealous. This makes Leo feel wanted and desired.

However, it can often backfire and cause fights. He might be responding to attention from other women to boost his ego because this sign is quite the attention seeker!

Last but not the least, his need for attention is real

Everyone has heard things about Leos and their need to be the centre of attention, but Leos are not the dramatic attention seekers you think they are. No, they have subtle and clever ways to get attention without being obvious about it. Some Leos do it by being the life of the party or the class clown, while others do it as activists championing a cause and leading lesser beings towards light. If your Leo boyfriend is already getting attention for his accomplishments at work, or in his friends’ circle, he isn’t going to be as thirsty and needy as most Leos are portrayed! That, of course, doesn’t mean you can ignore the Lion.