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10 Things a Leo Woman Likes and Dislikes in a Man

The fixed sign Leo ruled by the Sun is a force to reckon with. A Leo woman is represented by the Lion, she has a big heart and is a natural leader among all other zodiac signs. When she is in love, woman born under the Leo Zodiac sign can be quite picky. What qualities of a man does a Leo woman look for? What attracts her? What is the Leo woman’s best match? What are the qualities she likes in a man and what turns her off? How to win over a Leo woman?

If you want to know what a Leo woman want from the man of her dreams, let me reveal you what astrology can tell us about her personality. Here are 10 characteristics and personality traits a Leo woman likes and dislikes in a man!

1. Loyalty

Any relationship with the fiery Leo woman needs to be rooted in trust and transparency. The Lioness is smart and cautious in choosing her mate and any form of treason is never forgiven. She gives away her whole self when she is in love. The investment is too deep to be ignored. This passionate woman takes her relationships seriously when she commits to a single partner. Deceit is an instant turn-off. She values a man who understands her needs and makes her his priority. Someone who is fiercely invested in her, shows her off to the world and claims her his queen with pride is her natural choice of a partner.

2. Sharp mind

The Leo woman is fond of a man with high intellectual strength. One who is aware and can stimulate her mind will win over her pretty quick. However, she isn’t a person to fall for sweet talks. The Lioness is too busy building her life to entertain hollow words that don’t add to her worth. An articulate mind that can communicate effectively is easy to get along with a Leo woman. A light-hearted person who doesn’t fear speaking his mind out is perceived as an asset by the Leo woman. As long as one is not judgemental and handles tricky situations with a smart mind, all’s well with the feline.

3. Firm grounding

An aimless man who doesn’t exhibit focus is never enough for a Leo woman who is too ambitious to deal with someone without direction in life. A mess of a man who has no clarity about his doings doesn’t ignite any spark in her. She needs a man of substance, someone at the top of his game and helps her materialise her vision of building an empire together. Regardless of her upbringing, the Leo woman has high expectations from life and isn’t willing to settle for less. The Leo woman is generally good with her material assets but also spulges as long as she doesn’t feel used. A man with a sense of balance and patience to handle everything with tact is her muse.

4. Confidence

The Leo woman oozes so much confidence that the noun is almost synonymous with the zodiac. She loves the attention she receives and if away from the spotlight, she is never happy. She likes to be the centre of attention and someone who is able to stroke her pride and give her a sense of utmost importance is likeable to a Leo woman. She needs an equally confident partner who can handle her exalted ego. She appreciates a male who has a high self-esteem but doesn’t mind letting her take the centre stage. Someone who is secure in his skin and doesn’t project his lack of self-respect will win the heart of a Leo woman.

5. Adventure

The Leo woman is playful and fun-loving. She likes to break the monotony and engage in something exciting with her partner from time to time. She values someone who respects her independence and allows her room to be who she wants to be. The Leo woman has an inner child that is bubbling with warmth and joy. She has the heart of gold, generous to take care of the ones who matter the most. A man who can honour all the facets to her, fight for her and defend her will get along well with the Leo woman. She needs her partner in crime who doesn’t fear taking up challenges and stands strong with her.

6. Flakiness

It can be a source of irritation for the Leo woman to be in the company of a man who doesn’t know what he is up to. Anything about him that seems too hard to believe can be off putting for the Leo female. It only adds to the lack of trust that forms the bedrock of the relationship with a Leo woman. The fixed sign may encounter difficulties in adjusting with someone who doesn’t value their words or fails to keep their promises. If a man fails to have his eyes for her only, she will shun him and never look back. Lack of dedication and care from her partner will restrict a deep relationship brewing between them ever.

7. Lack of interest

A Leo woman behaves like a true queen. She may even exhibit a sense of entitlement in relationships. One needs to sing her praise and exaggerate her accomplishments to win a spot in her heart. If a man is disinterested in admiring his Leo queen, she will be far from being impressed. She has a high sense of self and someone who isn’t capable of handling her shine is unlikely to be courted by her. Make her the centre of your universe just like all planets revolve around the Sun. The Leo woman receives enough attention wherever she goes so if you guys aren’t on the same page she will walk away with grace.

8. Boring persona

In order for a Leo woman to find the right kind of comfort in a man, she needs to be thriving in variety. She may be in the habit of being lazy but when she is up and going, a stagnant mindset does not help her enjoy life. She loves drama and doesn’t hesitate to go about announcing her arrival to people. She sees the world as her stage and there is no fun if her partner isn’t sporty enough. She wants to try out different things in bed. She wants to please and be pleased. Someone who doesn’t see the charm of experimenting, fails to go with the flow and truly indulge in her creativity kills her passion.

9. Stubborn

Despite being a fixated sign, Leo women aren’t scared of heading out of their comfort zones. They do not fear pursuing anything risky. When she has made up her mind to go after someone, she doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinions. She is usually influential and uses the power at her disposal to twist things to her highest benefit. While she does expect rigidity in a man when he is chasing her even amidst distraction, she isn’t a fan of conservativeness when seeking pleasure in activities done together. Her man needs to be optimistic and tolerant of non-conformist opinions.

10. Unrealistic ideas

The Leo woman is quite practical in life. A dreamy partner who survives in idealism and builds lofty castles in the air that have no connection to reality is no match for her. She is quite present in the moment and sees life as it is now. She is more action-oriented and has grand plans to make a difference in the world which comes from concerted actions. Quite the realist, she prefers a partner who believes in his worth and is a visionary but nonetheless, far from wishful thinking or misplaced belief systems.